Do you want to increase your income and impact, but don't want to tie up anymore of your time taking on more 1-to-1 clients?

You enjoy the personalized side of your business, but you are sick of mucking through the 'must-know' trenches to get your new client up to speed before you begin to work your magic.

In this 3-part mini-course you'll discover how to leverage your expertise so that you can get paid more, working less hours.

This video training series is going to give you step-by-step breakdown as to how you can get paid to launch an automated course business.

I used to reach burnout always trading my time for money. When I didn't work, I didn't get paid and when I was down for the count, my bank account went up in flames.

Now I work less than part-time hours and earn more than 6-figures a year.

On automated online course is just one of the ways I was able to create passive income for my family and free up time to be present for the moments that matter most.

If you want to get your time back, it's time to launch an automated online course so that you can earn more and work less.

In this mini-course you'll discover how to:

  • ✔ Get paid to validate your offer
  • ✔ Convert your curriculum into digital assets
  • ✔Activate your evergreen money-generating machine

“She knows her stuff! Molly Ann helped me 2x my annual revenue in 6-months by helping me launch my course.”
-Jeana M.

“Since publishing my book, I’ve landed 7 guest podcasting spots in less than 3-weeks and I've enrolled two new clients at $5k!
-Sammy C.

Molly Ann Luna has TRANSFORMED my business. Before working with her, I worked 50+ hours a week grinding, and and serving clients 1:1. I falsely believed that maxing out my client roaster = success, but I was DEAD WRONG!
Since working with Molly Ann, she’s helped me scale and systemize my coaching business.
Now I serve my clients via a group coaching program + digital course, showing up live for them 1x a week.
I’ve cut more work hours down to 18 hours/week, and I’m now earning 3x my previous annual salary.
Work with Molly Ann, her program; it’s a game changer!”
-Suvada A.


A former 9-to-5er. Current 6-figure entrepreneur and creator of AMPLIFY.

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Since cracking the code to coaching and monetization success, I've not only grown a 6-figure company... but I've also helped hundreds of service-based entrepreneurs turn their expertise into online income by building their automated lead-generating machine regardless of their experience level, follower count, or tech skills.

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